Welcome to Chresol College.

Education is synonymous with enlightenment and empowerment. Obtaining a well-balanced education empowers a child to face future challenges because a well-educated child has the capacity to contribute immensely to the development of his/her society.

Given the competition in a world that is gradually being ruled by science and technology, every parent desires an educational institution that gives the child that rare opportunity to have a good start in life. With our facilities in Science, Computer, Languages, Visual Art and Information Technology, we are confident that the desires and aspirations of our esteemed parents are being met.

We see every child as clay that must be moulded with care. This we do through our method of teaching designed to meet the unique need of every child. This is done by our qualified and experienced teaching staff, ready to prepare the child to meet the various challenges that would be met outside the school.

At Chresol College, we are committed to creating and improving student-focusedplatform that encourages academic superiority throughaugmentedteaching, coaching and personal tutoring where needed. We ensure that all our students become acutescholars, dynamic problem-solvers, inquisitive readers andconscientiousstudents.

We ensure our students are well prepared for the demands of the real world so they may become productive indigenes, imminent leaders, and give back something positive to their various communities and the nation at large.

We inculcate in our students values that are everlasting and based on Biblical principles. We are bringing up a new generation that will Stand Out and be different to make a difference.

We look forward to working with you, our parents and the members of the community to provide qualitative education that you all deserve.


University Degree Foundation Program (UDFP)

A fast track alternative to A-Level for direct entry into several top UK and Canadian universities



2 or 1 Year Cambridge A-Level

1 year accelerated/2 years AS and A2 programme







Language & Music Lessons

After School